Do you have the same drive-thru dilemma every time you visit a Twisters location?

So many menu options but so little time to review them all so you order the same thing every time?

Hey, we think every single one of our menu options is delicious, but with 154 choices to make it’s likely that you are missing out on a tasty treasure that you’ve never tried.

From multiple specialty items and cone options, to flurries, sundaes, flavor burst ice cream and yogurt, shakes/malts, glaciers/freezes, floats/coolers, smoothies, slushies and a special fall flavor we have the just desserts for you! Heck, we even have a sundae for your dog!

So it’s our crusade to educate you on our menu items one at a time so you can put an end to your drive thru deliberations and become a Twisters expert!

From March thru August we are going to be posting about our menu items on the Twisters Facebook page and archiving links to those post here in the “syllabus.”

No menu item will be left behind….we’re going to cover them all! In August we will unveil a final exam with questions relating to those posts. The top score wins a Vizio 43-inch television, $75 gift card and a Twisters T-shirt. Don’t worry if you don’t win first prize. We’ll have several other prizes to hand out. Second place wins a $50 Twisters gift card and Twisters T-shirt. Third place wins a $25 Twisters gift card and t-shirt. Places 4-10 each win a $20 gift card and a Twisters T-shirt. In the event of multiple same scores, there will be a drawing among the tied entrants to determine prize winners. Winners will be announced in early September! Current Twisters employees are ineligible, but any of you past employees are welcome to play along!

So take notes. Or don’t. We don’t advocate cheating normally, but we don’t mind if you visit the syllabus frequently during the final exam. After all, we’re trying to end your drive thru dilemma and help you uncover some tasty Twisters treasures you never knew existed.

Happy tasting, uh, testing!

Click any of the pictures and menu items below, to be directed to the corresponding Facebook post about that item!